Lost in my Portraits

There are several ways people can run their businesses based on their personality strengths…

Afertoon Tea W

So, what is my main personality strength that is the heart of my business?  

Well, by the use of the word “heart” it is Passion of course!

I pour my heart and soul into each and every portrait I create.  I find myself drawn into the story and the characters I create, as if I am living right in the portrait, with each detail harmonizing the senses of taste, touch, scent, sight and sound right before your eyes.  I am taken to another world that I am passionate about creating.  My style gives you an open book into my soul and how I feel on the inside.  The final portrait should portray a warm emotional connection between the characters of the story and overall feel of the dream scene.

Afternoon Tea is one such picture that I became lost in and felt like I was actually there getting to know the dogs at the tea party.  Katie is the beautiful sophisticated senior dog fanning herself in the back.  She prefers the coolness of the shade. She is elegant and wise, looking very fashionable in her pink dress. Emma, on the left, is the diva of the group! She is the leader of the pack and a total drama queen, which is why she refuses to wear a hat and is texting at the table. Oh, Emma! She has been featured on Target Boots & Barkley pet products recently and even has her own dog blog called mygbgvlife.com. Emma just loves the color red! Bailie, on the right, is the baby of the group and looks up to the other two dogs. She is a very goofy dog and loves the colors brown and orange. She wants to be just like them, but still a baby at heart with her little stuffed bunny.  They all live in their beautiful dog house mansion with a pink candle chandelier in a picturesque cherry blossom orchard.  I feel like I know them and I have never even met them.  

I am passionate about creating an out-of-the-box creative portrait that captures the essence of the families and the connections between them.  Whether it be between people and animals or just animals alone, you will be confident to know that tender loving care is put into each portrait.

Have you ever read a book and felt like you were actually there? That is how I feel about my art!  Tell me about it in the comments!





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