Throwback Thursday – Haircuts for Peanuts

On the wall of the waiting room in Haircuts for Peanuts there is a mural of an animal train. I often wonder, “Where is that train going?” I know…you think I am nuts, but I will give you the full story behind my portrait…and you can visit it anytime at Haircuts for Peanuts to see the tiny details…

I imagine Ellie wants to be just like her owner Aprile and have her own haircut stand…sort of like Lucy from Peanuts with her Psychiatrist stand. Ellie however is far too young to use scissors, so she decides to sell bows for the girls and sunglasses for the boys. They need to pay in peanuts, but really they are just pretending, because the train has enough peanuts for everyone to share. After they pay, they sit on the blue chair so Ellie can give them their gift. Then they get a balloon and head back to the train.

The Characters:

Ellie – So proud to be the leader of all her friends. She loves to play Haircuts for Peanuts with her friends. Her favorite color is red, so she made red bows for all her friends. The boys get blue sunglasses, because she didn’t want them to feel left out.

Turtles – They FINALLY caught up to the train just in time to get their bows!

Monkey – The baby of the group…she is waiting for Ellie to carry her back to the train. Ellie gave her a lollypop while she waits.

Dolphin – She is a daydreamer…doesn’t really care what is going on, just that it is a beautiful day.

Penguin – She loves loves loves to blow heart shaped bubbles!

Tiger Cub – Well this little girl is an absolute mess…she threw her bow on the ground and now she is trying to attack the bubbles. She is so into the bubbles that she doesn’t even know her balloon is flying away. Oh she is going to be so upset when she notices!

Rhino – This guy is desperately trying to get tiger cubs attention, yelling that her balloon is flying away. He tried really hard, but he could not catch it.

Hippo – Oh he’s a lazy dude! He and Frog are best buds. They just like chilling together. He likes to spit water in the air so Frog can ride on it.

Frog – Coolest frog ever! He and Hippo are so crazy. He loves surfing on Hippos water that he spits out of his mouth. Wacky pair those two!

Flamingo – She really wants to be part of Hippo and Frog’s fun, but she really things they are crazy! What on earth is Frog doing?!

Panda – She is one LAZY panda! Hopping out to get a bow was just SO much work. So, she is sleeping…lol!

AND that is how I imagined this portrait! I told you I was a little nuts! I love love love to imagine such cute scenes! All of the pictures I used here are real animal pictures…nothing on this is painted. It is a combination of photos blended together from my wacky imagination.

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