Throwback Thursday – Baby Elasmo

When my son was little, he was obsessed with dinosaurs.  He loved them so much!  He is a teenager now and sometimes I feel bad that he can’t be in pictures like his sisters are.  So, I found an old picture of him and created this portrait to surprise him.  Even though he is grown now, he loved it so much!  I got it right!  I might just have to make another one for him one of these days.  There are four toys that describe his childhood…dinosaurs, matchbox cars, thomas trains, and army guys.  Of course now it’s just XBox of course…and his cell phone…lol!  Ah I miss the days when he was little and wanted to play imaginary games with me…I can’t tall you how many times I had to be the plant eater being chased by the meat eater…lol!




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