Throwback Thursday – Santa’s Sweet Ride

My kids wondered if Santa really still drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer, because we don’t ride in horse drawn carriages anymore. They pictured him driving a convertible VW Bus that was covered in Christmas graffiti and colorful lights, so the reindeer could actually ride with him. The kids wanted to make sure that it had a golden schlond poofa that shoots out glitter, just like Ken has on Barbie Life in the Dream House. Up in front Santa is driving, while the reindeer next to him is taking pictures of the north star. Rudolph, another reindeer and my youngest daughter are playing beanie boos together and are fascinated that Rudolph can make them light up with his nose. My older daughter is in the middle doing a braid train with two reindeer, while the third reindeer is holding up a light for them. In the back, my son and two reindeer are playing reindeer games on their Kindles. And the last reindeer is peeking in a magical present! The polar bear family on the ground is anxiously awaiting his arrival with their Santa Stop Here sign.

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