Top 40 Countdown – #14 Super Snuggles to the Rescue

Our cat Mr. Squeakers is such a bad kitty. He has no regard for his personal safety. We think it is due to the fall he had from our balcony as a kitten. He does make our lives interesting, that’s for sure! Our other cat Snuggles gets quite annoyed with him. He just wants to play like a kitten would, but they are grown up kitties and she doesn’t want to be bothered.  My daughter decided we should make a picture, where his is getting into trouble trying to catch a butterfly.  Snuggles the Super Kitty comes to rescue him…lol!  I wanted to make it look like Mr. Squeakers didn’t even notice that he is in trouble, because that is how he would be in real life…lol!

Stayed tuned in the coming days as I countdown my top 40 favorite images of all time! Find out why I love them so much…



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