Terrible Mistakes I Made

When I first started out photographing children for my Imaginary Dream Portraits, I made a lot of mistakes.  And that is okay!

“We all mess up. It’s what we learn from our mistakes that matter” -Lauren Myracle

Here are 4 terrible mistakes I made while photographing children and what I learned from each one… 

1.  When asking a child about their dream pet, I must remember to reassure them that I am not bringing an actual animal to their home!  The child was terrified when I arrived and refused to take a picture with me…thinking I had brought an actual zoo animal!  This session did not work out…so in the end, I asked my daughter to complete this picture.


2.  I must remember to remind the child that she is going to be merely pretending to fly!  When I arrived at the child’s home, she thought I was going to actually take her flying high up in the sky.  Only in our imagination, little one…only in our imagination.  She was very pleased with the final picture though!

Rescue Final2newweb

3.  When pretending to feed an imaginary animal, it is hard to explain to the child how to look excited and happy.  Soo…a crazy thing I like to do is have a person be that animal and make crazy faces and then you get that perfect expression!


4.  This portrait session was supposed to be an elephant make-over.  She had trouble pretending to paint the elephants toenails or put on makeup or basically anything I asked her to do.  She was in a horrible mood that day.  So…to resolved the problem, I gave her a toy camera and asked her to take a picture of the beautiful elephant.  Problem solved and a picture perfect ending!  I learned that I have to be willing to change my vision at a moments notice…

Spa Day FinalWEB

“Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons!  Love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible” – Cherie-Carter Scotts



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