Why is Children’s Author Tara Lazar Having a Tea Party with a Bunch of Frogs?

I have always considered myself a Toys-R-Us Kid.

I wear a pony tail almost every day, because I love when it swishes from side to side as I walk. Full House is still one of my all time favorite shows (Yeah, I almost named my daughter Michelle…lol). Oh and between you and me, I may or may not have just had my hair cut like Kimmy Gibbler on the new Fuller House.

My friends often look at me like I have two heads when I come up with my crazy imaginary ideas for portraits! After a while, I felt like my pictures were wasting away on social media. I decided to create children’s books, so they could be in the hands of young children all over the world, who would truly appreciate their whimsical wonder.

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When I began my research for literary agents, I came across Tara Lazar, an amazingly silly author!  She had filled her blog Writing for Kids While Raising Them with an enormous amount of resources for new authors. I discovered her one day when I was looking for information about fractured fairy tales.  Her video was HYSTERICAL! I had finally discovered that there are other people in the world as weird as me! Last week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Tara to find out more about her wild imagination!

Weird is a side-effect of awesome!

I was instantly attracted to Tara Lazar‘s newest book Normal Norman, which is an incredibly cute story about a purple orangutan named Norman who thinks he is not-so-normal!  It’s a book that celebrates our weirdness and I love that!

Tara explained, “I have never felt normal. When the name Normal Norman popped into my head one day, all I really knew about him was that he could, in no way, BE NORMAL. He would have to revolt against everything I threw at him, doing unexpectedly zany things instead–proving that normal is impossible to define.”

“It’s the crazy stuff that makes us interesting, the quirks that make us human (or purple orangutan, take your pick)”

nnTara has written several books and loves them as if they were her own children!  She enjoys sharing her stories with children across the country, teaching them about the joys of writing.  Back at home, Tara has two daughters of her own, who also love to use their imagination to write stories. “We love the website Storybird.com where we can pick illustrations and imagine the story behind them. It’s like solving a puzzle with words.”  That truly is a magical site Tara!

Tara believes it is important to give “kids and their parents the chance to laugh together over a book, to share special moments while reading. Those are some of life’s first and best memories.”


Back when Tara was little, she was extremely attached to her stuffed animals, which she thought were “real animals.” “I remember sitting on my bed, looking up at all of them arranged atop my bookshelves and bawling, pleading with them to talk to me. I thought whatever I ate got magically transferred to their tiny tummies and that they came alive while I was sleeping. “Please say something! I won’t tell anyone your secrets!” I sobbed. Crazy? Maybe. But also good preparation for being a children’s book author.”

So why did I create a silly portrait of Tara having a tea party with a bunch of frogs?


As you probably already know, I am a wish granting digital artist, capturing the imagination of little dreamers worldwide, by giving them the dream pet they have always wanted.

I asked Tara “When you were a child, if you could have any animal in the world, what would your dream pet be?”

Tara loved building blanket forts as a child. “Oh, how I loved building blanket forts and pretending they were my own home! I made truly EPIC forts because we owned unbelievably huge blankets that could stretch across the entire playroom. My forts had rooms inside. Entire wings, even!”

But why frogs?

Tara’s childhood dream was to have her very own sea of frogs!

“I had my dream pet for one fateful evening. My grandmother and I had gone for a walk and happened upon a COLONY of frogs. I immediately ran toward them and they began hopping away. I was screaming, “Catch one, Grandma, CATCH ONE!” And there’s my plump Italian Nonna bounding after a sea of froggies who were changing directions like starlings. We caught one, placed it in a beach bucket, covered it with foil. I punched small holes in the foil so it could breathe and left it on the back porch. That night we had a terrible, whip-crack thunderstorm and in the morning I discovered a gaping hole in the tinfoil. My very first pet had been spooked and leaped to freedom. I was devastated.”

Oh Tara!  How unbelievably sad! How can I deny her of her dream?!  Enjoy your “sea of frogs,” Tara!  I hope they bring you a “sea” of happiness!!  Thank you so much for speaking with me! I just love your imagination!

So if you are interested in some seriously silly books by Tara Lazar, stop by and check them out!

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It you are an author-in-the-works, like me, be sure to read her wonderful blog Writing for Kids While Raising Them!


What is your favorite Tara Lazar book?

Let us know what makes you smile!

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  1. Heather McKinnis September 27, 2016 at 10:02 am #

    We have always been big Full House fans,too! My sisters name IS Michelle! 😀

    • JulieMcGann September 27, 2016 at 12:15 pm #

      Lol!! That is SO funny! That show was great! Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel was a close second! My littlest used to be compared to Charlie all the time…

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