What is my huge secret?

I know what you are thinking…what is she talking about??!!  I am talking about those crazy little quirks that we all have that make us unique and interesting!  Sometimes it makes you blurt out, are you serious?!  Well, I am going to share a few quirks of mine with you!  Let me know if we share similar quirks as you get to know my crazy self a little better!

Are you Serious

10 Interesting Quirks You May Not Have Known About Me:

  1. Cheez-its are my ultimate comfort food.  Not just any flavor either…Cheez-it BIG!  There is always a box in my house, but they are ALL MINE!  No touchies kids! Lol!
  2. I am deathly afraid of chickens and roosters, because one day when I was a child at summer camp, a rooster chased me until it took the salami right out of my sandwich!  (I also no longer like salami, because of this incident…lol!)
  3. I have a thing about never finishing my entire drink.  I always leave some in the bottom of my cup. Okay, truth be told, I once found something gross at the bottom of my cup after finishing my drink and I nearly thew up.  So, I just don’t want to know what’s down there…lol!
  4. I dream of living on a farm someday with a pet cow named Moomers and a pig name Oinkie.
  5. I say “Dude” an awful lot…probably because I was obsessed with Full House as a child…lol!  Okay…and this is a secret between you and me!  I may or may not have just gotten my hair cut like Kimmy Gibbler on the new Fuller House!
  6. Apparently, I slurp my coffee very loudly in the morning…according to my son.
  7. I can’t start my day without eating Flintstone Sour Gummy Vitamins!  It’s like starting my day off by eating candy.  Although, I am a little upset they changed the blue ones to yellow.  Who on earth likes sour banana flavor?  That is just gross!
  8. I tend to overuse exclamation points and lols!  That is just because I am a very happy, cheerful and excited person that likes to attempt to be funny!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I flip my necklace gem around and around when I am nervous or worried about something….the more nervous I am, the faster I flip it.  Hey…I am flipping it right now…lol!
  10. I always make a smiley face next to my name when I sign something…even when I probably shouldn’t.

Do you share any similar quirks?  I would love to hear yours!  Share in the comments!




  1. Davina March 18, 2016 at 8:08 pm #

    I’m afraid of wiener dogs for the same-ish reason you’re afraid of roosters. Except it was my neighbors dog and it would run out of their house at full speed and nip at our legs non-stop barking and yapping the whole time. Haha!

    • JulieMcGann March 18, 2016 at 8:45 pm #

      Lol! We are afraid of dogs at our house too! I am totally a cat person!

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