What is the #1 question that every one asks me about my art?

So, what is the #1 question that everyone asks me about my art????

Afertoon Tea W


The answer is no!

Each portrait is made up of several images that I have blended together in Photoshop to bring my imaginary idea to life! It is like finding all the pieces of the puzzle and putting them together as I see it in my brain. Each tiny little detail, I have captured with my own camera!  Sometimes as many as 50 images come together to create a final portrait! It is actually a very exciting process watching it come to life!

Since I use real life objects and people, the imaginary vision that the child has described to me can actually come to life right before their eyes! They can see what it would look like in the real world! The technical term for my form of art is called Illustrative Portraiture, which means bringing imagination to life using Photoshop and giving it a “painted” feel. My artistic painted style of choice is pastel watercolor! I like soft colors, because it matches the sweetness of little children’s imagination that I love so much!



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