Why I’m no longer satisfied with photography and what I’m doing about it… 

I bet you are wondering, “Oh no, is she going to quit?”  The answer is no!  The fact is I now realize that my photography alone is just not enough.

Here’s my story…


It all happened one day last year, when I accidentally printed these mini glossy board books.  I thought I was printing slightly larger albums to showcase my work at a local show, but misread the dimensions.  It was an incredibly wonderful accident that changed my life!  These were SO tiny and so incredibly beautiful!  The chain of events that followed shaped my future in photography!

Once I received these mini books, my youngest daughter was immediately drawn to them and asked to keep one.  She carried it with her wherever she went, continually browsing through the shiny, vivid pages of imaginary bliss.  I was so happy that I had found someone to appreciate the little mistake I made.  I put the other copy in my purse to show anyone who asked me what I did for a living.

Last year, my youngest began Daisies and in getting to know the mothers, someone asked me about my photography.  I brought out my mini board book and immediately every single Daisy girl flocked towards my tiny little book, fascinated by every little picture in the book.  The girls were begging me to let them keep that book.  That was the exact moment that I decided my art should be in children’s books.

My pictures are wasting away, sitting on my website and Facebook page, when they could be in the hands of young children all over the world, who would truly appreciate the whimsical wonder. That is the main reason I create my art in the first place…to keep children dreaming!  From that day on, in addition to creating portraits for families to document their children’s fantasies, I am going to write and illustrate numerous children’s books for all the little dreamers out there!

These teenie tiny board books are available for purchase in my SHOP!  As for my first official illustrated children’s book, it is complete and being sent out to agents…you are not going to want to miss this book!  Although I am biased, I think it is pretty great and I hope you will love it too!  If you want to keep up to date on its status…feel free to sign up for my WEEKLY NEWSLETTER! Also, if you follow me on Facebook, don’t forget to check “SEE FIRST!”  Facebook is sharing less and less these days.



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