My Imperfect Workspace – Where Imagination Comes to Life

You’ve seen artists post pictures of their workspaces, right?  They are SO perfect…like were taken straight out of a magazine!  Do you ever wonder what their spaces really look like?  I am going to be completely honest with you…my workspace is NEVER organized!  So, here it is…in it’s full glory…my workspace!

You are probably thinking, “HOW DOES SOMEONE WHO DREAMS IN PINK, CREATE IMAGES IN A DARK MAN CAVE LIKE SPACE??!!” Well, I can and to me, it’s the most comfortable room in the house!

Let me give you a little tour of my workspace…

My Workspace

I originally decorated the room to look like a study, but between you and me it was really a room for my husband to play video games in…lol!  So, that is why Dilbert and his diplomas are hanging on the wall. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago that I started using the computer. The dark pretzel colored walls gives the study a distinguished look and really blends well with the French country colors in our house.  I feel like the walls wrap me with warmth, along with the heater nearby.  My family will agree with me when I say that I am ALWAYS cold!  I use an extra dining room chair with a back cushion on it and it is so comfortable!  I used to have a rolling chair, but I felt like I was on an amusement park ride.  When I was extremely deep in thought and suddenly moved, it caught me off guard and I got very nauseous…lol!

As you can tell by the kleenexes everywhere, I have HORRIBLE allergies…lol!  Yeah, I used to throw them in the garbage can right away, however, since I am usually deep in thought, I almost always missed!  I really got tired of picking them up off the floor…lol!  Now, I just leave them on the desk until I am done with my work for the day and then throw them away. Of course, some still do fall on the floor…lol!  When I work, I ALWAYS need coffee with sweet cream creamer in my favorite Mumu Cow mug that I bought from Switzerland! I am a little obsessed with Mumu Cow…lol!  I also put one huge bottle of water by my desk each day to force myself to drink. I often forget to drink, because I am so into my project.  Yes…it’s true!

The floor is often covered in pony tail holders and other crazy presents that my two cats bring to me.  My one cat, Mr. Squeakers, often sleeps in his cat bed while I work.  I have to keep the computer paper in it’s packaging, because he likes to bite holes in every single sheet.  He actually thinks he is attacking the paper as it comes out of the printer.  Sometimes hysterical, sometimes maddening. Seriously maddening!  On top of the printer is where I keep all my children’s book information, which some day you will be able to read!  In the shelves of my desk are my dream notebooks, where I keep all my endless ideas that keep me awake at night.  Somehow, by writing them down, my brain can calm down and I can relax…lol!

So there it is…my workspace!  I wouldn’t change a thing!  When I am in the zone, all I see is my screen anyway…lol!  Sure, someday it would be nice to redecorate the room, but right now, I’d rather spend my time creating art for you to enjoy!  I have some BIG PLANS up my sleeve for the new year!

So, now let me see your workspace!  Post a picture!  I would love to see it…the good, the bad AND the ugly!!!



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