My First Camera at 9 years old – Circa 1984 – Kodamatic 940 Instant Camera

Back when I was 9 years old, Polaroid instant cameras were all the rage!  I really wanted one! However, as a family living in Rochester, NY where Eastman Kodak is found, it only made sense to support our local business by purchasing a Kodamatic camera. I was so excited!  My parents even bought a rainbow strap to go with it, because this of course was the year that Punky Brewster began.  Punky Brewster was awesome!  I especially loved her bedroom!  Did you know I asked my Mom to put green carpeting in my room, so that my floor would look like grass?  I couldn’t get her to do much else like Punky Brewster’s room, but I was extremely happy with a grass colored rug and yellow walls for the sunshine!  I will have to do some more digging around to see if I can find some pictures that I took with this camera.

What was your first camera?  Please share!

Old Camera



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