Mr. Ketchup & Me – Merited Image – Featured in the PPA Showcase Book

Last year I entered a few images in the Professional Photographers of America Northeast District and International Competition.  Tyrannosaurus Rita and Mr. Ketchup & Me both had won a Seal of Approval and a Merit Award!  However, Mr. Ketchup & Me was also chosen to be featured the 2015 Showcase Collection Book, which I just received! It looks awesome!


What exactly is a Merit?  An image is heavily critiqued by highly trained professionals for 12 elements…

  1.  Impact
  2. Technical Excellence
  3. Creativity
  4. Style
  5. Composition
  6. Presentation
  7. Color Balance
  8. Center of Interest
  9. Lighting
  10. Subject Matter
  11. Technique
  12. Storytelling

In other words, it is very difficult to get a merit. It just makes me love Mr. Ketchup & Me even more!  This picture has always been close to my heart, because I was able to express just how much my daughter loved ketchup!  It warms my heart to know others love it too!




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