Which Movie Character am I most like?

I have never been able to compare myself to anyone in books or television until several weeks ago, when I watched Harry Potter for the first time.  My daughter is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I discuss these books with her almost every day.  It wasn’t until I saw the movies that I realized, there is a character that is almost exactly like me…minus the magic of course…lol!



Why it’s LUNA LOVEGOOD of course!

Why you ask?  Here are five characteristics that we have in common…

1.  We both speak in a soft and sweet voice…probably why kids love me so much!

2.  I have been known to skip around, especially when I wear a ponytail.  Who doesn’t like to make their pony tail swish?

3.  Even though she doesn’t say much or look like there is much going on inside her head due to her blank stare, there actually is a ton of imagination brewing all the time.  She believes in “what if” situations and can imagine them as if they were real.  Sound familiar? A Tyrannosaurus Rex who wanted purple hair…lol!

4.  She is odd…much like me when I burst out an imaginary idea in front of a crowd of friends, telling them of the giant bottle of ketchup wearing sunglasses in my brain that is playing helicopter with a little girl…lol!

5.  Since she is so quiet, her jokes although sometimes unintentional are extremely funny because they are so unexpected. I love joking about everything, but the most unexpected thing about me would be my sneezes…lol! I may have a tiny little voice, but my sneezes can blow the top off a mountain…watch out!

In other words, I am weird…and I love that!

What movie character are you most like?






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