How It All Began

How did it all begin? When did my vision become a reality?It all began the day I discovered this amazing zerbra portrait by Barb Uil ofJinkyArt Photography! Barb is able to take portraits of these children with actual animals and they are amazing! Her work is so colorful and whimsical. Everything she takes a picture of is real and handmade!

So, I started thinking…What if I could give each child a portrait with their DREAM PET…a pet that they could never have in real life? I fell in LOVE with the idea of giving children the pet of their dreams in a way only they could imagine…in a pretend way! Fulfilling their imagination with a portrait of several images blended together to make the scene appear real…just as they had described. Barb’s work had opened up a world of possibilities and excitement inside of me! I am forever thankful for finding her!

Check out more of Barb’s incredible work here:





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