Behind the Scenes – Close Up of Afternoon Tea

Although my specialty is children’s portraits, I am always open to special requests. Feel free to ask me anything! This request came from a pet owner! She really wanted to have a portrait of her dogs having an elegant tea party. She pictured a Victorian style Old English outdoor tea party, complete with chandelier hanging from the tree and fancy hats.

Katie is the beautiful sophisticated senior dog fanning herself in the back. She prefers the coolness of the shade. She is elegant and wise, looking very fashionable in her pink dress. Emma, on the left, is the diva of the group! She is the leader of the pack and a total drama queen. She has been featured on Target Boots & Barkley pet products recently and even has her own dog blog! Emma just loves the color red! Bailie, on the right, is the baby of the group and looks up to the other two dogs. She is a very goofy dog and loves the colors brown and orange. She wants to be just like them!

Be sure to check out Emma’s very own dog blog!

Tea Close Up



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