Addicted to Pinterest

Okay…I admit it!  I am just slightly addicted to Pinterest!  Okay…maybe a LOT!  It just seems like time is moving too quickly and I am afraid that if I blink, I might not notice my kids growing up until they are already grown.  I am definitely not a Pinterest Mom, although you can probably call me a Pinterest Mom Wanna Be…lol!  I am constantly surfing Pinterest to fill their days with interesting crafts to do and games to play.

However, what I am totally obsessed with??

It’s creating the perfect birthday, which means baking the best cake that they will remember forever!  I work hours on each of their cakes the day before their birthday.  I have to admit this right now, although I am good with Photoshop, the oven is NOT my friend!  Somehow my cookies always turn out burnt and raw at the same time.  My kids call them scabs…lol!  I really want to be that Mom that has warm homemade cookies and milk waiting for them when they get off the bus and they do…just not Pinterest quality cookies…lol!



Thomas the Tank Engine Cake (Using my new frosting Fun Gun)  – Word to the wise, the fun gun is no fun at all.  I got frustrated, stabbed the cake a bunch of times, threw everything in the garbage, drove to Wegmans and bought a Thomas cake!

IMG_3152  IMG_3164

The Ferocious Beast (From Maggie and the Ferocious Beast) – Looks beautiful right?  Until the next morning when his head fell off!  Cue the tears!  But no worries, I turned it into a joke! She had the Beast’s Butt as her birthday cake that year and you know what happens if you light a fire near the beast’s butt…lol!IMG_8796

The Reading Tree – My daughter liked to climb one our our trees to read her books.  She wanted me to make a cake of her sitting in her favorite tree.  So I searched Pinterest and found a great way to make a tree by using rice krispie treats colored green as the top of the tree.  Sounds great right? Well, let me just tell you in advance, rice krispie treats catch on fire…FAST!  So the whole entire tree was in fire!  I don’t have a picture, because we needed to try and put it out really fast…lol!  You can use your imagination!


However, not all my birthday cakes were complete failures.  I have one birthday that will go down in history as the best birthday party I have ever planned thanks to Pinterest. HARRY POTTER!  I planned everything, right down to the scavenger hunt for her present, which was a treasure chest full of Harry Potter accessories.

The Feast 


The Cake11312786_10204931656266038_2568851602978052091_o

Are you addicted to Pinterest too for Birthdays?  Show me your cakes…good and bad!  I won’t judge…lol!  



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