50 Imagination Games for Young Children

As a creative photographer and digital artist, I strive to create portraits that bring children’s imagination to life. They have such vivid imaginations when they are little and I wanted to find a way to capture their adorable thoughts at that moment.  I hope to bring smiles to each child’s face when they see their impossible dreams become realities in pictures!

Keep your child’s imagination alive with one of my 50 Imagination Game Ideas:


1.   Pretend you are a mouse trying to get some cheese that is near a cat

2.   Pretend to be kittens venturing outside for the very first time

3.   Pretend you shrunk to the size of a raisin and your best friend is a ladybug

4.   Pretend you are on a magical flying carpet traveling to candy land

5.   Pretend you have a pet unicorn and you live on top of the rainbow

6.   There was a marshmallow explosion. Try to cross the room without touching the sticky floor.

7.   Row a laundry basket boat to save the ponies from going over the pretend waterfall

8.   Pretend you just arrived at Pixie Hollow to find your talent which could be making golden butterflies

9.   Create an office work space with cereal box computers and pretend to invent new cereal flavors

10.  Drive your swing set pirate ship to the secret island to find the buried treasure

Download Full List:  https://www.facebook.com/juliemcgannfineart/app_152926008054123



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